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Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel Engine Class Action

Caddell & Chapman served as lead counsel in In re Navistar Diesel Engine Products Liability Litigation, an MDL proceeding (Case No. MDL-2223) consolidating some 35 cases from around the country against Ford in the Northern District of Illinois federal court in Chicago. The case involved defective diesel engines used by Ford in certain model pickup trucks and vans. Caddell & Chapman attorneys Michael Caddell and Cynthia Chapman, and their co‑counsel, negotiated a settlement package which provided partial reimbursement for post-warranty engine repair costs on behalf of over 1 million current and former owners of Ford vehicles equipped with 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engines.

On July 2, 2013, Federal District Judge Matthew J. Kennelly approved the settlement. Judge Kenelley commented: “the settlement can be viewed as paying roughly 50% of the full value of the class members’ claims, were they to succeed” and found that it was “clearly fair.”

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