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Caddell & Chapman represents plaintiffs nationwide in class action lawsuits and other complex litigation.

Breach-of-Contract Recovery

Caddell & Chapman served as lead counsel and obtained Consent Judgments on behalf of two attorneys who advanced over $3 million to other attorneys around the country to obtain and prosecute fen‑phen cases. The defendants, after obtaining a global settlement with Wyeth, refused to reimburse Caddell & Chapman’s clients for the monies advanced or pay them their share of the fees from the global settlement. The case-filed in federal court in McAllen, Texas-centered on fraud, …

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Caddell & Chapman represents plaintiffs nationwide in class actions and other complex litigation.

Legal Malpractice Claims

In bankruptcy court and federal district court in the District of Connecticut, Caddell & Chapman is pursuing legal malpractice and fiduciary-duty claims on behalf of a debtor against the debtor’s former counsel, one of the world’s largest law firms. The debtor owned 28 acres of industrial property in the Bronx, New York ideally‑suited to house a large power plant. The debtor alleges that its former counsel – due to negligence and conflicts with more prominent …

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