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$33.6 Million Verdict Against Exxon

Michael Caddell, Cynthia Chapman, and George Nino of Caddell & Chapman represented Tetco Stores, L.P. and Spot Services, L.P. in a business dispute against Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation. After a five‑week trial in San Antonio, Texas, the jury rendered a $33.6 million verdict against Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation and in favor of Tetco Stores and Spot Services. According to Verdict Search, the $33.6 million verdict was the 10th largest verdict in Texas in 2006 and the 52nd largest verdict in the United States. The parties later reached a confidential settlement for an amount less than the verdict. Notably, ExxonMobil’s trial counsel at the time of trial was President-Elect of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

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