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Hartford Insurance Class Action

Caddell & Chapman served as the sole lead counsel of a nationwide class of more than 100,000 insureds in an insurance class action lawsuit against Hartford and related insurance companies involving alleged systematic underpayment of their homeowner’s claims. The alleged underpayment was the result of Hartford, and related insurance companies, neglecting to include a payment for general contractor’s overhead and profit as part of the up‑front “actual cash value” payment made to insureds after the initial estimate of the insured’s property damage. Caddell & Chapman successfully negotiated a settlement of the litigation, which was approved by the District Court of Arizona, in June 2008. The settlement includes injunctive relief, which required Hartford to change its practices related to the payment of general contractor’s overhead and profit beginning in June 2008, as well as the payment, in March 2009, of more than $1.8 million in cash to qualifying class members (exclusive of attorneys’ fees and expenses), without the need for any class member to make a claim.

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