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Caddell & Chapman represents plaintiffs nationwide in class action lawsuits and other complex litigation.

Breach-of-Contract Recovery

Caddell & Chapman served as lead counsel and obtained Consent Judgments on behalf of two attorneys who advanced over $3 million to other attorneys around the country to obtain and prosecute fen‑phen cases. The defendants, after obtaining a global settlement with Wyeth, refused to reimburse Caddell & Chapman’s clients for the monies advanced or pay them their share of the fees from the global settlement. The case-filed in federal court in McAllen, Texas-centered on fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. Just days before an August 2007 trial setting, the defendants filed bankruptcy in Mississippi to avoid the trial. The bankruptcy judge granted Caddell & Chapman’s motion to lift the automatic stay to resume the trial in federal court in McAllen. Two days into the trial in August 2008 the parties settled the case for two agreed judgments.

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